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Welcome to the wonderful world of Search Engine Marketing!

So at some point in time you’ve either decided that the internet is a pretty big thing and you need to understand how you can use the internet to your advantage in marketing, you’re boss has told you that since you’re the marketing person it’s up to you to make the website function better, or you’re a nerd like me and you’re looking for some tips, hints, and tricks to make your SEM campaigns perform better. Either way, welcome to my website Search Marketing Corner, where I will post articles on the things I’ve learned while managing SEM campaigns as well as tips and advice for people who are just starting out.

               You might be asking yourself, who is this person and what makes her so qualified? Well, I’d like to say that I’m your average Joe-Schmo search marketing professional. I’ve worked at a variety of different companies ranging in Boutique Agencies specializing in Online Marketing, to in-house Marketing for Ma N’ Pa sites, to essentially working for a search engine (without actually technically working for that Search Engine), to being brought onboard to help start and develop the In-House SEM group for a major Fortune 100 corporation. I’ve run successful SEM campaigns for companies with monthly budgets ranging from $250/month to upwards $3M/month and understand the difficulties of marketing in both scenarios. One of the key things I’ve recognized in every role I’ve been in is that there is a lack in resource and knowledge sharing across SEM professionals. When going to hire individuals to work alongside me on the various marketing campaigns I’ve found that I spend a majority of my time developing their knowledge base so that they can market more efficiently and spend less time on the menial mind numbing tasks and more time analyzing and improving their campaigns efficiency. I love sharing knowledge and learning from others, and I’m hoping that you do to and that I have some nuggets of wisdom that can help you in your SEM efforts.

               All of the data within the data sheets will be actual data from my campaigns performance, but with the brand Identity of my clients hidden. I’ll walk you through some “Oh no!!! She didn’t…” marketing examples, some that will make you laugh (anyone want to purchase dead animals or a politican) and some that show a well thought through and executed campaign. Please feel free to reach out and ask questions, request a topic for me to cover via an article or a video, or provide your suggestions and input! It’s not all about me, it’s about all of us coming together on Search Marketing Corner to make ourselves better Search Engine Marketers.

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