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Launching an App: Q’s Before Developing Your Marketing Strategy and Plan

I want to start off with some of the questions that you’ll want to know the answers to as you are developing your app marketing strategy. If you haven’t started to think about the answers, take a little bit of time do it before you continue to develop your marketing plan. You’ll discover that it is much easier to develop the strategy and tactical plan if you have done the research to answer these questions first.

If you don’t know the answer to a specific question don’t worry, take  a stab at answering it and make educated guesses. For example I didn’t know what the value of an app user would be, but I did know data about usage of our mobile site. I used the mobile site usage data to make an apx value of the app user to determine that I was willing to pay (hypothetically) $3.50 per app download. This then allowed me to look at the different marketing tactics to determine which ones could generate downloads at the estimated cost of $3.50 or less.

Here is the list of questions you should try to answer:

  • What are you trying to accomplish? What are you goals for the app launch?
  • What is the approximate value of an app download/user for your company? (Another take on this question: How much are you willing to spend for an app download?)
  • How do you expect users to find your app?  Will you have an app specific landing page on your website/blog/social media?
  • Who are your competitors (websites + apps)?
    • How many app downloads have your competitors had?
    • Are your competitors apps free or paid? How does your price point compare?
  • How is your app different from your competitors? (Key Differentiators)

The reason I recommend you think about these questions before moving forward with developing your marketing strategy/game plan is because it will help you understand what is reasonable and what tactics you might want to use to promote your app. Prior to our app launch we had a lot of discussions about what our goal should be for total app downloads generated from our marketing and PR campaigns. Almost everyone wanted the goal to be 100K app downloads within the first 30 days of launch, and it was my role as Director of Marketing to determine if that was reasonable and achievable to provide feedback to the executive leadership and Board members. By asking and answering the questions above I was able to make my recommendation as to what would be a reasonable app download goal and what would be a stretch goal if we got the expected media coverage + feature app or editorial app pick.

Other questions you might want to investigate before developing your marketing plan:

  • If you know in advance that you won’t be able to advertise your app on your website, do you have another way to inform your users that the app is available? Can you get the development of an app specific landing page on your site in the future?
  • How many app downloads can I get from traffic from my website?
    • How much traffic will go to the mobile app landing page?
    • What % of that traffic am I estimating will transfer off to the App Store for download? (Transfer Rate)
    • What % of the transfers am I expecting will download and install the app? (Conversion Rate or Install Rate)
  • Can I install a SMS Text tool that will send a link to download the app directly to someones smart phone? How much am I willing to pay for this?

The next installation in the series will go over some of the best practices I learned from launching the Decide.com & Bing iPhone apps, as well as from interviews I did with other marketers who were responsible for launching apps in the last 12-14 months.


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