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Launching an App: Mobile App Support, FAQs & How To Guides

 I mentioned in my second post in the Launching an App series that it’s important to make sure that you have resources available to your app users in case they have questions.  It’s important to remember that once you make an app and set it free to the wild, your work isn’t done. If you can’t and don’t help consumers who have issues after the app is available consumers will turn against you and provide you with negative feedback which will hinder your apps rankings within the App Store. Today, I’ll be going over some Best Practices for developing your mobile app support page and FAQs so you can spend time actually marketing instead of answering help questions via social media.

The image below is an example of Rovio’s Support website for their Angry Birds iPhone App. They have the answers to the top 6 questions easily available for their consumers and a way for consumers to ask additional questions.

Example of the Angry Birds Support Website

For me, developing a FAQs document was an important part of the marketing strategy because it meant that we put ourselves in the minds of the consumer by thinking through and anticipating what issues consumers might face with using our app. Since we had done this prior to the app going live, it meant that as a marketing manager I wasn’t having to spend my time digging for an answer and trying to find the right individuals within my company to assist with the issues. It also meant that I could quickly provide answers and that I had a resource that I could direct individuals to when they contacted us via email, social media, or iTunes.

In all reality it doesn’t matter where you host your FAQs and How-to-Guide as long as you have links from the App Store and website so it is discoverable by the end user. I wasn’t able to get them live and hosted our website at the time of the app launch due to resource limitations. Instead I developed a page on Facebook as well as a dedicated blog post.

Marketing Go-Do for App Support & FAQs:

  1. Create a broad list of questions you think you should answer about your app.
    • Go through your main competitors FAQs and Support guides
    • Use your network to ask others who have launched an app before
  2.  Included the FAQ’s link in the iTunes page and then also embedded it within a Facebook tab for quick and easy reference when individuals would ask Q’s on social media.
  3. Make sure that you are cross linking your support page with any content related to the app, i.e. an app specific page on your site so that the content is easily discoverable.

Here are some examples of the questions I pulled together for the Decide.com FAQ’s:

App Support: FAQ’s & How To Guides

App FAQ’s:

1.       How to get the Decide App for iPhone

2.       Does the Decide App for iPhone work on the iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7?

3.       When will the Decide.com App be available for download outside of the US? I am getting an error message on iTunes saying the app is unavailable. Why?

4.       How to Login / Create a Decide.com Account

5.       Searching for items

6.       How to use the QR code & UPC scanner

7.       How do I set or remove a product alert

8.       Does Decide.com provide pricing for local stores as well as online retailers?

App Account Management:

9.       How do I view my account information?

10.       I’ve forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

11.   I’m not getting the temporary password emails or I cannot remember the email address I used to create my account.

12.   How do I change my email address?

13.   How do I change the frequency of emails I receive from Decide.com?

14.   How do I terminate/delete my Decide.com account?

15.   Does Decide.com share my information with others?

16.   How can I contact you?

App Basic Troubleshooting:

17.   Basic Troubleshooting.

a.       Restart Device.

b.      Redownload and reinstall the App.

18.   I can’t login/ get an error message when I login.

19.   I am getting a 404/400 error message.

20.   I can’t find a product that I set an alert for.

21.   I’ve scanned the barcode/UPC code and nothing happened. Can you help?

22.   I can’t find the product I am looking for on Decide.com. Can you help?

23.   I’ve typed in the product name/model number into the search box and I get no results. Can you help?

24.   I have other issues/bugs. Who should I contact?

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