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Social Media Optimization

I was going through my backlogs of presentations I’ve done over the years at different conferences and wanted to touch upon something I first spoke about back in 2011 at the Wappow Search and Social Conference in Hawaii: Social Media Optimization.

Social Media Optimization

As a marketing manager it’s been important to make sure that every bit of marketing I do is searchable and can help build my brand. I noticed on Facebook that some brands were easier to find than others and that one of the elements these brands had in common was that they appeared to be optimization their social media presence similar to how an SEO professional would optimize their website.

Key components to SMO:

  • Have a Brand Relevant Name / Profile Title
  • Develop keyword rich bios. Optimize the “About Us” text to use brand and generic keywords. It’s all about leveraging the space to be consistent with your brand message/tone while using the keywords and phrases customers would use to search for you.
  • Linking and Cross Linking. Link to your website, link to your social profiles.
  • Use the ALT text for images to target keywords and phrases — heck even use the name of the image to be descriptive. (Don’t go overboard here!)
  • Post regularly to your social media sites to establish authority and use the keywords and phrases you want to rank for.

Jessica Lee of BruceClay SEO live blogged my presentation and it can be found here: Social Media Marketing and Optimization

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