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  1. christijolson
    January 21, 2013 at 11:09 pm

    Hi Gerald, Thanks for the comment. There is a lot of speculation about graph search and how well it’s going to work and what it means to the competitors. First off I want to break my answer into two parts, Google (and what it’s doing in the realm of Social Search) and Facebook.

    Google is already using it’s social graph data from G+ to provide more relevant search results and to pull in information about individuals who write articles. Google’s introduction and new found importance of”Authorship.” The adoption of G+ has been slow, but by allowing authors and writers to claim their own content and get their faces smeared over the search results it will start to pick up some of the adoption of their platform. Google has done a decent job in integrating G+ to the search results, but it has fallen very flat on integrating Google Places and the local component in with search and G+.
    An example of how Google is falling short on connecting the dots: I work for Harry and David. We opened 15 holiday stores in November for the Christmas shopping season. I updated the new store data in Google Places which is linked to the Harry and David G+ account. It’s not January 21st and the new store data I uploaded on November 5th has still not been processed by Google.

    Facebook on the other hand has terabytes of data about user behavior and connections. It also has good adoption of the Open Graph tagging technology. They have come up with a solid solution for individuals and businesses alike. Businesses can update and add their data in a manner of minutes and it’s readily available. Social Graph takes the Open Graph and the personalized data to the next level and will make social sharing the life blood of Facebook. If people stop liking or connecting with Brands, Places or People, then Facebook’s platform will wither and die. These connections create a well archived and documented database of entities that are linked together. Facebook’s strength resolves around individuals continuing to make connections and their programmers capabilities for surfacing connections in a meaningful way.

    Will Facebook surpass Google… probably not, but it is bringing a new face to search and how we look for information in the future.
    Some good articles on Social Graph:

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