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Infographic about the Rise of Google PLAs

I’m excited to be speaking at both PubCon New Orleans and SMX West San Jose this spring about the rise of Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and what it means for advertisers. I’ve started to pull together my outline for the presentations and have started to track the more recent activity surrounding the adoption of PLAs and what it means in the digital space.

Marin Software release a press release about what their technology saw in terms of Google PLAs and their impact on the holiday shopping season and a slew of blog posts from reputable media outlets ensued. I found the attached infographic via an article on Wired.com by Marcus Wohlsen. It’s a great infographic that show the rise of PLAs since the transition earlier this year.
I know that as a Paid Search Marketing Manager I saw that we increased our spend with Google to play in the PLA space this holiday season and we saw great results and return on our investment. I’m excited to bring together these insights over the next few weeks along with providing you with some of the articles I’m using to pull together my SMX West and PubCon Nola materials!

Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs)

Digital ad management provider Marin Software found that advertisers managing $4 billion annually in online ad campaigns through its platform spent 600 percent more on Google product listing ads after the change in October than before. That result alone doesn’t necessarily surprise: If Google says pay to play, advertisers have little choice.

Infographic from Marin Software about Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) showing the rise of PLAs in prominence on Google.

Other articles you can read about the PLAs and their impact on the paid search space:

Marin Software Analysis: Advertisers Increase PLA budgets by 600+%
Adobe Q4 Report: Tablet targeting and product listing ads represent great opportunities for marketers
RKG Study PLAs drove 28% of Google Non-Brand Ad Clicks in Q4
Once Controversial Now PLAs Are a Big Hit

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