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Using PPC Audit Checklists to Prioritize Work

I love what I do! I love working in Search engine marketing however it has a down side –it’s an always on space and there is ALWAYS something more we can/could do. I’m finding that some people feel like they need to work extra hours to stay ahead or just keep up to meet expectations. I’ve been digging in this last week to work on processes to share with my amazing PPC team members at Point It. Not because anyone is doing anything wrong or because I’m finding issues in our accounts, but more so as a tool to help people prioritize their day to day work schedules so they can leave work at the office at the end of the day.

I’ve made it one of my goals for this quarter to automated some of the PPC audit that we do regularly, and to establish processes to help with prioritizing work so they can challenge requests that are busy work and won’t move the needle. My end goals: reduce burn out and keep people happy.

What do I mean by establish PPC processes?

I’m working through a PPC audit checklist for weekly, monthly, and quarterly PPC Audits and tasks. Each of the audits will help uncover areas of opportunity that the account managers know where to focus to improve the performance of the PPC Campaigns that they are managing. Will it be more work? Initially yes, because whenever you start using new processes it takes a while to get used to them. However, if I can audit the PPC Audit process for Adwords via the use of Scripts it will save quite a bit of time.

Here is what I’ve pulled together so far. I’d love your thoughts and opinions:


Weekly PPC Checklist:

  • Campaign Budget Monitoring
  • Performance audit to prioritize which campaigns/ad groups need work
  • Bid Optimization

Monthly PPC Checklist:

  • Search Query Report Analysis  (Bi-Weekly to Monthly depending on the amount of ad spend)
  • Quality Score Audit & Pruning
  • Ad Extensions Refresh / Audit
  • Ad Copy Audit
  • Landing Page Audit
  • Remarketing List Audit

Quarterly PPC Checklist:

  • Comprehensive PPC Audit
    • Goals & Targets Analysis
    • Campaign Settings
    • Ad Extensions Audit
    • Bid Modifiers: Device/Location/Demographic/Ad Scheduling
  • Competitive Analysis & Audit
  • Specific Audits surrounding new features that were launched/released in the previous quarter
  • Develop quarterly test plans
  • Planning for upcoming launches & new campaigns
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