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Humbled for the Nomination of PPC Experts to follow on Twitter

I’m humbled to be included in Search Engine People’s list of individuals nominated by the SEM community of PPC Experts you should follow on Twitter!

If you’re looking for a list of individuals I follow and regularly ask questions to here are some of my most often looked to individuals:

Matt Umbro – @Matt_Umbro 

Ginny Marvin – @GinnyMarvin

Kirk Williams – @PPCKirk

James Svoboda – @Realicity

Bryant Garvin – @BryantGarvin

John Lee – @John_A_Lee

David Szetela – @szetela

John Gagnon – @jmgagnon

Marty Weintraub – @martyweintraub

Matt Van Wager – @mvanwagner

Aaron Levy – @bigalittlea

Julie Bacchini – @neptunemoon

Lisa Sanner – @lisasanner

Luke Alley – @lukealley

Rae Hoffman – @sugarrae

Katy Tonkin – @katytonkin

Brad Geddes – @bgtheory

Elizabeth Marsten – @ebkendo

Sam Owen – @samowenppc

Lisa Raehsler – @lisarocksSEM

Michelle Moorehouse  – @michellemsem

Steve Hammer – @armondhammer

Christine Churchill – @chrischurch

Ruth Burr-Reedy  – @ruthburr

Duane Forrester – @DuaneForrester

John Ellis – @johnwellis

Amy Hoffman – @hoffman8

Jennifer Sleg – @jenstar

Purna Virji – @purnavirji

Bill Sebald – @billsebald

Annie Cushing – @AnnieCushing

Matt Cuts – @mattcutts

Mark Traphagen – @marktraphagen

Jennifer Sable Lopez – @jennita

Dana Di Tomaso – @daniditomaso

Eric Enge – @stonetemple

Brittan Bright – @BrittanBright

Matt Decuir – @mattbasically

Rick Galan – @RickGalan

Jonathon Colman – @jcolman

Greg Gifford – @greggifford

Jabez Lebret – @jabezlabret

Shah Menz – @michellemsem

Matt Siltala – @Matt_Siltala

Mike Arnesen – @Mike_Arnesen

Ian Lurie – @portentint

Pete Meyers @dr_pete

John Doherty – @dohertyjf

Rand Fishkin – @randfish

Danny Sullivan – @dannysullivan

Okay, so it’s not a comprehensive list, and I know that I still missed some awesome digital marketers on this list, but these are a handful of individuals I’d highly recommend you follow to get some wonderful tidbits on PPC, SEO and a few social people.

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