About Me

Christi Olson, Digital Marketer

Christi Olson

Social Media, Local Search, Paid Search, Organic Search, Site Optimization, Email Marketing & Web Analytics.

Did you say online marketing? I say love.

I love playing in the online space and creating integrated marketing campaigns that span multiple mediums and online spaces. I love it when marketing comes together seamlessly to make it look like a single idea flowing across the digital sphere. Sadly, it doesn’t happen often enough and all to often- but it is what I love to do.

I’ll admit it, I’m a nerd geek. I’ve been calling myself a nerd for a while, but after discovering the following venn diagram, I’ve discoverd I’m really just a geek who loves data and all it can bring to digital marketing.
There are subtle differences between geeks and nerds. This venn diagram shows how and where the intersections are to help you (and me) determine which category we fall into! I'm definitely a geek since I'm not really socially awkward.

Not just a few rows of data, big amounts of data. But with lots of data, like with power, comes a lot of responsibility. Responsibility in knowing how to analyze and interpret the data to make actionable insights that improve business over time. The responsibility in understanding and developing business specific key performance indicators (KPIs) and constantly looking at those KPIs and re-evaluating if they still make sense for your business.  The responsibility in understanding how much data is really needed for a significant sample size and the patience to wait until that sample size is large enough before making sweeping actions.

I believe that marketers (like myself) should take a data driven approach to making decisions. To me marketing is more than just pretty shiny things, fluff, unicorns and rainbows. Maybe that’s why I’m a different type of marketer. To me, marketing is all about using the resources I’ve been given to drive to specific goals and end actions on behalf of the business I work for. It’s why I love data and why I love doing what I do in the digital space.

Welcome to my blog. I probably should have put that first, but as you’ve guessed I’m not traditional in my approach to things. I’m a passionate person, and my passions extend beyond Digital Marketing too… gasp! I’m a crazy runner and if you want to know more about my running escapades and how I balance work and life check out my personal blog.


Christi O

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