iSEM Consulting

iSEM Search Marketing Consulting
Search Engine Marketing, also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, can be incredibly efficient and an effective marketing tool when managed properly. However, SEM market dynamics do not allow advertisers the luxury of adopting a “set it and forget it” strategy without sacrificing the efficiency and ROAS. When managed properly SEM can become one of the most profitable marketing mediums within your marketing mix.

There is a fairly steep learning curve to launching an SEM campaign that doesn’t accommodate the transferring of traditional marketing plans and strategies to SEM. You don’t want an inexperienced marketer learning the ins & outs of paid search engine marketing with your budget. That is why top of providing articles relevant to managing paid search engine marketing campaigns, Search Marketing Corner has partnered with iSEM Consulting to provide certified and experienced professionals.

We understand that running a business takes time and alot of resources. That is why for time that you may not have to manage SEM campaigns or for the costly resources of hiring an in-house marketing team, we offer consulting services to meet your specific business needs.

Perhaps you have an in-house marketing team that understands traditional marketing but not the online space and the nuances that come with it. We offer on-site training to give your marketing team a solid foundation within the online space and get them up to speed for campaign management.

Contact ISEM Consulting to find out more about the services we offer including:

  • SEM Tune-Ups & Audits
  • SEO Tune-Ups & Audits
  • SEM Campaign Management
  • SEM Agency Management
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Content Strategy
  • On-Site Training & Speaking
  • Advertisements
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